Known for her indie pop vibe, 20 year old Lily Garay aims to be bold and soulful in her songwriting, music, writing, and everything she does. She aims to encourage others with the message that, "every day is a new opportunity to be bold, make a change, & thrive by being someone's light, astonishing minds, & inspiring souls."

Lily is a dedicated entrepreneur & philanthropist with her first EP “My Heart Beats” released in 2012 on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc. Her second album "Golden Fire" released in 2016 and she hopes to finish her 3rd album at the end of Summer 2017. She has also released 2 singles ("Reina" & "My Cross"). Through music, The Lily Garay Foundation has provided financial funding for an orphanage in Bolivia & an organization that helps teens struggling with depression & suicide.