Lily is a creative with a passion for production, singing, and writing.
She loves serving her community through local artistry and empowering young creatives with tools to become entrepreneurs.

Not limited to music, Garay speaks and writes for various platforms all across the country. She also hosts a vlog Chats with Lily, a place to talk about anything and everything.

Her professional portfolio includes:

-singing + speaking engagements in partnership with: Grace City (hillsong family church), Jesus Culture (Bryan + Katie Torwalt), Porchella (Tom Tom Fest), Daniel Kolenda, MCWE, Michael Chitwood, Ricardo Miller CM, Cynthia Murray Ent., Southeastern University, Liberty University.

-hosting & creating: Life & Love Benefit Concert, Charlottesville Back to School Bash

-writing for: Seventeen Magazine, The Devo Co., Sabrina Peters Blog, Localeur, The Meta (a Southeastern University publication)

-and affiliations including: Seventeen Magazine Social Club, Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce, The Farm House, FABA, NHS, & Enactus.


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