Lily Garay is a Florida based singer-songwriter. Self produced and engineer. Goes to Southeastern University. Concentration in Business and Religion.

Lily is a creative with a passion for production, singing, and writing.
She loves serving her community through local artistry and hopes to bring inspiration and healing through her work.

Her professional portfolio includes:

-singing + speaking engagements in partnership with: Grace City (hillsong family church), Jesus Culture (Bryan + Katie Torwalt), Porchella (Tom Tom Fest), Daniel Kolenda, MCWE, Michael Chitwood, Ricardo Miller CM, Cynthia Murray Ent., Southeastern University, Liberty University.

-hosting & creating: Life & Love Benefit Concert, Charlottesville Back to School Bash

-writing for: Seventeen Magazine, The Devo Co., Sabrina Peters Blog, Localeur, The Meta (a Southeastern University publication)

-and affiliations including: Seventeen Magazine Social Club, Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce, The Farm House, FABA, NHS, & Enactus.