Lily Garay is a Florida based singer-songwriter. Self produced and engineer. Goes to Southeastern University. Concentration in Business and Religion.

Ever since I was young I have loved the arts. From writing to singing to drawing and many in-betweens. There’s so much I could say, but it feels as though I will never quite have the words to adequately express how I go about life and how I want to go about it.

So maybe it’s best if I do it this way:

1. I love bread. All breads. I do NOT discriminate. I love bread with butter. I love bread in pizza form. I really enjoy a good cinnamon roll. French toast? Would have it every morning if I could. Waffle house late at night? Call me. I’m there.

2. I wrote my first song at 4 years old. What a time to be alive, man.

3. My DREAM is to sell out Madison Square Garden. I would loooveee that.

4. Longterm I really want to be a creative director. I think it would be so cool to serve in a local church with my family and get to be a traveling consultant while also investing in my local community.

5. I’m half Colombianaaaa y 1/4 Puerto Rican 1/4 Argentinian (but descended from Italy). Fully bilingual in Español and English which has been so helpful for serving my community, having fun conversations, and writing songs.

I have lots of things that I do. Lots of big dreams in this little heart. But the best thing about my life is that I know it’s all going to be okay. Whether I’m on a mountain or breathing the smell of the city sewers, it’s all beautiful right here.

Music portfolio (includes, but not limited to):

-singing + speaking engagements in partnership with: Grace City (Hillsong family church), Jesus Culture (Bryan + Katie Torwalt), Porchella (Tom Tom Fest), Daniel Kolenda, MCWE, Michael Chitwood, Ricardo Miller CM, Cynthia Murray Ent., Southeastern University, Liberty University, I Love CVille.

-hosting & creating: Life & Love Benefit Concert, Charlottesville Back to School Bash

-writing for: Seventeen Magazine, The Devo Co., Sabrina Peters Blog, Localeur, The Meta (a Southeastern University publication)

-and affiliations including: Seventeen Magazine Social Club, Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce, The Farm House, FABA, NHS, & Enactus.

Freelance Portfolio accessed by clicking here.