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The truth is that we live in a dark world and we are called to be the light. I'm thankful to live in a country and area where I don't fear for my life when writing a blog post, where I can pray to Jesus wherever I would like, and where I don't have to worry about my house and family being bombed. Sure, these are things that people in this nation may worry about, but it isn't a true fear. It would be naive to say, "I'm not next", but it would be foolish to say, "My God isn't greater." 

As I scrolled through Facebook this morning I became grateful that we can create a hashtag that spreads awareness about a situation. However, life and situations are more than a hashtag and while changing your profile picture and a hashtag on Facebook to represent your support of France is not a bad thing, it's not the only thing you can do. 

Taken yesterday - November 19, 2015  

Taken yesterday - November 19, 2015  

Yesterday my friends and I went out to brunch at a public cafe and had such fun telling goofy stories, sharing jokes, and giving "life tips" to each other. Towards the end of our time together someone asked if we had any prayer requests for that week (we meet a couple of times a month for a dinner + Bible study) and we all set a piece of our hearts out on the table. After we finished praying for each other we prayed for ISIS, the people affected by the Paris attacks, and all the refugees and the situation that America is facing on bringing them in. 

You see, our support is more than a hashtag. If you write #prayforparis #prayformall #prayforisis, then I hope you really are praying for those people! I wish evil things didn't happen in this world, but they do. So we can pray. We can love while we are still on this earth. We can have conversations with as many random strangers as we can and ask them how their day was and what we can be praying for and then pray for them right then and there (unless it's uncomfortable for them, then pray on your own time). The hardest "what can I do??" is the one I'm going to say next. Forgive ISIS. Forgive them because that's what the love of Jesus would and does do. That's what many of the families members of the martyred are doing. You can read about that by clicking here. 

Do not live in fear and do not live in worry. Live in love. 

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