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To The One Feeling Alone

You feel like no one understands you.
You feel like all you make is mistakes.
Maybe you believe that you are a mistake.

You listen to everyone, but no one takes the time to listen to you.
You smile on the outside, but the inside is hurting.
You say you're fine, but really you're burning.

Tonight you feel alone.
You feel like there's no hope.
You're tired, weary, drained.

Friend, you are not alone.
You may be sitting in your room crying
In your car driving
But God is there.
I promise He's there.

And you may not understand
because you feel like you're just a grain a sand.
A little dying star
falling very very far
but He's holding your hand.

You may stumble
You may fall
You may be troubled
You may feel the struggle

But you're in the palm of God
the One who owns it all!

-Lily Garay
(copyright 2015)