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A little life update

Hey friends & fam,

I thought I'd give you a little life update. Everyone keeps asking about school, what I've been doing with my Summer, etc.

As far as school goes, I am currently taking a gap year! I've been taking 2015 to refocus, leap out of my comfort zone, and make sure that I'm truly following God's calling for my life. Thank you so so so much for your prayers & sweet comments. I really appreciate it all. 

My Summer has been different than most of my Summers. I took a two week vacation trip to Florida, but other than that I've pretty much been nannying and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity all Summer. That's something totally different for me. I haven't ever babysat so much in my life. I'm used to maybe 5 hours at the most on a Friday night, but I've been doing it all day for a few days a week.

Through nannying I've learned to be more patient with children. I've learned that playing with kids for more than 20 minutes can actually be fun, even though exhausting. I've learned that I still have so much more to learn about kids, but I think I'll leave that for way down the road when I decide to have my own. 

Through volunteering I've learned so much about others and why they've come to America and why they're building a home here. I've learned that I am a capable woman. I can use a table saw, a nail gun, I can put up dry wall (insert B-) emoji)!!!!!!! There's something to be said about using your hands to create a physical product. There's also something to be said about serving others before you serve yourself. I think that volunteering with Habitat has given me a good balance of serving others and jumping out of my comfort zone. I've also learned how to be still, to wait my turn, to work with a team, to ask questions and listen to the leader...

My hope is that I wouldn't ever stop learning, that I would continue to reach, and that I would always believe in the person God has created me to be.