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Hang on Tight

I have a song titled "Just Believe". I wrote it because it's very easy for me to concentrate on what I didn't do, the words of others saying, "You cant!", and the times I didn't make it past the first round in a singing competition. 

Then there are times where I'll get to live my dream for a few minutes. I get to sing in front of thousands of people live and through broadcasting. I get to share my stories. Then I come home and it feels like, "What am I doing here?!" And it's very easy to forget that while I'm off stage I still have to practice, pray, focus, and work on my craft!

My friends, it is very easy to lose focus. Choose to believe in the dreams that God has given you. They're in you for a reason.

Hang on tight, don't give up this fight. Just believe.

Lily Garay

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