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You can get there

Oh my friends, what a week. I've had it in my heart to share this on my blog for a while now. It's definitely something that I've been preaching to myself all week.

The most cliché of all metaphors...mountains. Perhaps you have just arrived at the beginning of your personal hike and are staring at the first hill full of trees and rocks. You know those mountains trails that seem nearly impossible to climb up? The ones with a winding path so long and uphill that your calves start cramping, face starts dripping with sweat, and thoughts of returning back to where you began start to creep in. Don't give up!! The view is worth it. 

Just last week my family went on vacation to the touristy beach of Virginia. My sister decided to go boogie-boarding, but she couldn't "catch a ride" on any of the waves because she kept hesitating when waves large enough to carry her were coming. She kept looking back and when a wave eventually began pushing her to the shore, she looked back, lost focus, and fell off. There are times where we look to our past and think, "Maybe I should've done this or that. I shouldn't have hesitated! Oh well..I'll make it through or do it differently next time." And you keep getting knocked down by your past because you don't change your present methods. Every time we look back and don't learn a lesson from it, we lose our focus. Refocus and allow your past to push you to where you want to get. 

We should come home from adventures, and perils, and discoveries every day with new experience and character.

- Henry David Thoreau

"Some burn up in the fire. Others are refined by it." - lecrae

I don't know what it is that you're facing today. Maybe it's something really painful and hard to deal with. Maybe it's a goal at the gym. I simply don't know. Please remember, you're stronger than you think.

You have greatness embedded in your DNA. You have the power to be bold.

Dream. Believe. Persevere. Achieve.