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[B L O O M]

"Oh I'll wait until I'm done with college to..." "Just one more semester of high school and then..." ""There's always time in the future for that." "Later later later!!!" 

Look. I get it. Life is full of..well life! It's teeming with busyness and overflowing with activities. For some, life is can actually be boring and underwhelming. Regardless of how you view life, stop making excuses to not bloom where you're planted. 



There's a quote that says, "A flower doesn't think of competing to the one next to it. It just blooms." I LOVE THAT! 


And sure, it's a struggle to bloom sometimes! If you're a flower, you have to make sure you're planted in the right place, there's got to be good soil, you must be watered, and you have to deal with insects eating away at you all the time. But even if all the good things that a flower is supposed to have aren't there, they usually still bloom. 


I believe in you. I believe you can bloom. 


Don't allow the negative to take away from your purpose or your destiny ✨


Also remember that it takes time to grow before you can fully bloom! Don't be discouraged 💖🌺 cities aren't born in one day


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