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5 College Must Haves

College and weird and full of random stuff. Probably one of the most nerve wracking experiences is the one where you get into a room with a random roommate (or multiple roommates!!). And also the part where you have absolutely no idea what to bring besides a toothbrush.

Since I've done the college thing a couple of times now, I figured I'd write a little list for you :) 

1. A mattress pad.
Trust me. You get a twin XL "mattress" and it's basically a set of springs. So get a mattress pad, comfy blankets, and some pillows!

2. Mason jars.
I use them for everything!! Holds my toothbrush, coffee, flowers, pens, water for watercoloring, candles, coins,  etc. 

3. Shower caddy & shoes.
It may seem annoying at first, but having a shower caddy is so convenient! You have everything you need for your shower in there and it's easy to take it when you're traveling somewhere for the weekend. Also, some jelly flip flops/sandals are really nice to have for when you're in/out of the shower. 

4. Mexican Blanket
Think about, sunsets, beaches, picnics, etc - You'll want a blanket to sit on! 

5. A good attitude. 
Be a team player. Everyone's figuring out stuff plus doing school plus maybe weird situations back home. Cut people slack. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Get enough sleep and eat veggies + fruits!!

Get creative! Use what you already have and save the $$ for experiences while you're at school. And food. $$ for food. lol.