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5 Things I Learned From Moving Away From Home

Moving away from home. The ultimate act of independence (so they say). The most exciting adventure, yet incredibly nerve wracking.

I know what it's like to move far from home to a school in a town where you know absolutely no one. It was hard because I love my family, hometown friends, and community! It was a comfortable stage of life.

Yesterday I was texting a girl that I know is coming to my school here in Florida. She's excited, but finds herself nervous about the move because she is also super close to her family and friends back home. So to her and to you, these are 5 things I learned from my move away from home. Maybe they'll help you out too!

1. Stick it out
Don't move back home after just 1 semester (or 2-3 months). I met a girl who did not want to come back second semester, but she did and ended up loving it and is coming back this year!

On the other hand, no matter where you are stationed in life, you most likely still have access to a car, bus, train, or plane. All of which can get you home. My first year in Florida I made myself a promise that I wouldn't come home to visit unless it was a holiday. I broke it twice for a weekend at home haha. What I learned though? Forget expectations. No one thinks you're a failure or a wimp for going home for a weekend. And if they do?? Boiiiiii bye. You aren't any less brave or any less of a person for going home.

2. Check yoself
I constantly asked myself the following questions:
-Am I giving people the benefit of the doubt?
-Am I actually getting involved or just showing up for 10 minutes of an event?
-Do I have a good attitude/open mind about this?
-Are the friends I'm surrounding myself with bring me down? Why am I still hanging out with them? (Seriously. Go find new friends. No one needs fake. Plus wherever you moved to has lots and lots of new people you've never met...

3. Get your friends/roommates to check you
There's nothing wrong with having the people you've become close with asking you the same questions from point 2. 

4. Seasons of life are a real thing
Even if you did stay home all comfy and cozy on the couch wrapped in that blanket your mom made you (bruh I brought that thing with me to Florida lol), life changes. Your friends grow up. You grow up. Your siblings start spreading out. It's the natural part of life. I'm sure there are things that will stay the same in your community, but wouldn't life be so boring if everything always stayed the same?

5. It's okay to cry
Thank God for good roommates that somehow handled me crying myself to sleep a lot of nights. Some days are more emotional than others. It's okay. Let the weak moments make you strong. Sometimes I literally ugly cry for 2-3 minutes, get a tissue, and then move on with my day happy as can be. Let it out so you can move on with your day/life lol. 

Maybe it seems like nothing in your life is consistent. Let your constant thing be how consistent you are with your relationship with God. Let that always drive you to grow and create. 

Someone prayed these sweet words over me that are always a comfort to my heart (take these words too!):
"Lord, be a Father when Lily misses her Father. Be a mother when Lily needs a mom. Provide and comfort the needs of her heart."

If you ever need someone to talk to about your move, hmu. My email is:



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