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A Happy Weekend

I still quite haven't figured out how to put into words the beauty of this weekend. I felt it a privilege to live my life. Truly.

With all that we talk about on social media, I find it is only appropriate to begin this post by stating that I am merely sharing my highlights of this weekend with you. My life is very blessed, but also very imperfect. Okay? Okay :)

Friday evening we went out and celebrated my Father's birthday. I put on way too much golden highlighter. Wait. Scratch that. I put on more than enough golden highlighter. LOL. We gave my dad the gift of an affirmation circle. The light on his face from hearing our thoughts of him felt more like I was giving a gift to myself. It was a sweet time. Then my siblings and I had some quality time and my heart was so full.

Saturday morning I swore I would clean my room and unpack my bags from uni (I've been home since the start of May:))). But instead I had brekkie with my family and let my sister do my makeup (probably the most I've ever worn my entire life haha). My friends picked me up to go to an event where their musician friends were playing a set. Meeting Fox and Bear, and hearing them play, was nothing short of incredible. Every word, on and off stage, was so full of love and vibrancy that it my heart felt like it was on fire. I love that feeling when you connect with people so well. We were there for hours and could've stayed for so many more.

Then Sunday I had church, went to see a friend's gig with my family, spent quality time with my gal pals, then watched Jurassic World 2. Every single moment was divine in the sense that it felt like the sermon was for me. My friend's gig was so inspiring. The quality time was uplifting. The movie got my heart rate going (in place of going to the gym hahah). 

I just feel so grateful. These are the moments where we experience the smallest touch of heaven on earth. They are what drives me forward.


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