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all around me

around this time last year i got tacos with my (then) new friend, @abigellis. it was a time in my life where i felt very unseen and very unheard.

I was mostly dealing with extreme disappoint from unfulfilled words spoken by other people. it’s really freakin hard to do music and i felt invisible when people go, “wow!!! you’re *actually* really good. have you thought about recording? you should join our team!!!”

or, “i let so-so listen to your stuff and they thought it was phenomenal. we’re for sure working together.”

and then nothing.


and then all (jk) of my hard work got picked up by Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists and everyone wanted to “get in the studio” with me????

like. woah. there’s something crazy wonderful about actually fulfilling a goal that feels unrealistic. it’s incredible. but then there feels like there’s a fakeness in the air.

and oh my woooorrdddd the pressure to make another song that’s “BETTER” than the last. wow.

okay full disclosure - i did NOT expect to be writing all of this. i guess it’s in my heart and i could talk about it for ages, but i also need more specific questions ?? (Dm me lol)

anyways. i got tacos with Abbi Ellis and afterwards i recorded a voice memo and it really resonates with me right now and all the things i just wrote out and i just felt like it might be nice to be a little transparent with this one and release it as is. 

if you email me i’ll send the voice memo to you!! if you’re not the emailing type, no worries. it’ll release on spotify/Apple Music/etc in a couple of days!!

love you,


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