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What differentiates good leaders from great ones

   As I type my thoughts into cyberspace, I can't help but feel extremely grateful for the different mentors that I had growing up and for the ones I currently have. It is because of my mentors that I was able to write (and put into practice) the list I'm sharing with you. That's the first thing you'll learn about being a great leader. You can not be a great leader if you do not have a mentor guiding you, showing you the ropes, and connecting you. You do not get to become a great leader by being a one man show. 
     At 18 years old I find myself with multiple leadership roles and while I don't want to fail anyone I especially don't want to fail at the tasks that God has placed in my life. This morning I backtracked to something my 15 year old self had written on September 26, 2012. I have decided to share it with you because not only do I believe in the following 11 points, I believe that those who take this list seriously and put it into practice will go from good leaders to great leaders. 

1. A GREAT leader recognizes talent and uses the talent/gifts of those around them. They don't take it all for themselves. They realize that a team is an important role for their successful futures.  2.They aren't afraid to stand up or speak out.  3.They know how to say yes and they know how to say no. Because there is a right way to say yes & no.  You must take into consideration what the person had done to ask you before you dismiss them and say no.  4.They know how to honor and respect those above them. They also know how to honor and respect those that are "below them".  5.They know how to work with others.  6.They know their weaknesses and they know their strengths. They know that they have to work on their weaknesess in order to be great.  7.They've established HABIT  8.They say goodbye the right way  9.THEY LISTEN!!!  10.They not only inspire themselves to do better, but they inspire others to do better.  11.Good leaders get things done for today. Great leaders get things done for today in preparation for tomorrow.   9/26/12
Vital part of leadership

Vital part of leadership


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