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it will all be okay



it will all be okay.

i’m a firm believer that whether while i’m here or one day in heaven, i will experience complete peace and it will all be okay.

this season has been nothing short of trials and little things that keep coming up that really don’t matter, but seem to make the days go by longer.

it’s sad and disheartening and a little frightening to have graduated college and suddenly feel this pressure that i have to have my whole life figured out and neatly put together. it’s a little sad and disheartening and a little frightening that the plans i had completely crumbled to the pit of the earth and i fell hard.

i miss the security i had working at hillcrest. i miss my college friends. i’m sad i won’t get to see my professors for a long time.

i am truly so blessed to be where i am. i have free rent. free food. two part time jobs. i’m getting involved at a new church. i’m healing from things i didn’t know i needed healing from.

i’m learning how to stand on my own two feet while finding the balance of knowing that i’m really standing on the firm foundation that is Jesus Christ.

never did i think i would be in a position right after college where i could confidently say, “yeah, i’m a housekeeper for a living.” “yeah, i’m living paycheck to paycheck right now.” “mmhhmmm yeah i’m for not sure working in the field i got my degree in.” “yeahhhh my family moved to the other side of the country and i’m living back in my hometown” (okay, to be fair - my parents did say i could move back in with them).

anyways. life is crazy right now. i need (and am receiving) a LOT of grace. i need compassion. i need mercy.

i need Jesus now more than ever.

it’s okay to not have it all figured out. it’s okay if you’re not working your dream job. it’s okay if you’re still living in your hometown.

i get it. it feels like you might be forgotten. or lost. or thrown to the side.

but guess what? we get to choose to give it our all in this season.

and God’s love for us isn’t about how much we can get done in a day or how far along we are with our dreams.
God’s love for us is greater than we can ever imagine - and it says that you and i are enough right. now.



it will all be okay.


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