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Little Girl pt.1

A few weeks ago I found myself writing a song.

The very first verse goes,
"Little girl/in a dream/don't wake her up/let her sleep/
leaves changing from green to gold/little girl/don't grow old"

It was something I wrote for myself.
I never intended for other ears to hear, but that's how songwriting goes.

The "don't grow old" phrase isn't supposed to mean, "Never grow up." But it does illustrate that the childlike faith we have about our future dreams coming true.

When I was about 5 years old, I had a dream of myself singing. Those dreams were recurring and I would be doing homework and thinking about those dreams. Yet it felt like the older I got, the harsher the world seemed and the dreams I had at night that inspired me throughout the day would never become my reality.

So when I sing, "don't wake her up, let her sleep," I mean let's always be each other's biggest supporters and encouragers.

It is so very possible for dreams to come true. And it is so very true that sometimes the fulfillment of those dreams happens in different ways than we were originally expecting.

Don't let the child inside you die. Let it push you to work hard. Let it inspire you to dream big.

Lily Garay

P.S. Little Girl is releasing in the next couple of weeks ;) Official date comin soooooon

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