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Some life lessons

I haven't blogged in a miiinnutteee. See, I was trying to really be consistent with it, and then I took a break over the Summer, and then I came back, and then I stopped. The truth is that I stopped because of a lie. I was believing a lie that says I have no right to blog to you about anything because if I do it's hypocritical or that they're worthless because they hold no academic weight. 

In fact, sometimes I feel as though my hardships and personal experiences are pretty petty in comparison to other people I know.

But that's the key word, right? Comparison. Of course my story is not going to be exactly like yours. I still want to share it with you though. 

The amount of life lessons I've learned just in the last week is overwhelming:-) BUT in the end, being more self-aware has matured me in ways I know I need growth. The things I'm sharing with you aren't things I'm perfect at. It's actually far from that. All I know is that these are the things on my heart and mind and I felt like I should share them with you. 

A. Friends
    1. "And when He [Jesus] came to the house, He allowed no one to enter with Him, except Peter and John and James, and the father and mother of the child." Luke 8:51 (esv)
In this passage, Jesus is going to perform a miracle (one of the very things He was called to do on this earth). And even though He has 12 constant disciples, He doesn't invite all of them - He is so careful who He brings into the room. I've recently been disappointed by a couple of my friends and the fact that they didn't show up in the way I wanted/expected them to. But that's okay! This scripture is a great encouragement to me because it reminds me that sometimes we have to be careful about who we let into our room/surround ourselves with, especially when you're doing the very thing God has called you to do.
I know this point may seem a little confusing, but let me clarify. Just because the other disciples weren't chosen by Jesus to come into the room doesn't mean they were any less valuable. They're just growing at their own pace and not all of your friends roles in your life will look the same.

  2. Make sure you keep the friends that call you out on your crap (in love). I'm gonna give you a real life example. Last night my roommate/best friend, Genesis, attended a meeting with me. When we got back to our room she told me that there were times I was cutting people's ideas off before they were able to even finish their sentence. It stung to hear this, but it was the truth. You can't just unfriend people because they say the things you don't want to hear. If Genesis didn't care about me, she wouldn't have said anything. If she hadn't said anything, I would probably continue in the same way at the next meeting I attend. Smh.

B. To not be offended when I'm wrong
    1. Ah. Taking responsibility for your mistakes. This is especially tough when you're the student worker aka, as Joe says, "the bottom of the food chain." It speaks better to your character when you actually own up to something on the front end.

C. The formula for success
     1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. What even is the formula to success?!? Because what works for one person may not work for you!!! I'm learning that I don't actually need to have it all together. Sometimes I feel caught up in making sure that I know the proper marketing, packaging, people, etc. But dang. If you don't have a product or something to back all that up, it's kind of worthless. Just create, work hard, and make that finished product! And then get to the next one. I'm not saying good marketing (or whatever is applicable to you) isn't important, but it's not as important as the thing you're actually marketing.
    2. Be careful of saying what you're going to do. Actually just do something and let it speak for itself or promote it afterwards.
Something a friend recently said that's stuck is, "I'm just laying the brick down as I go."

D. Grief
     1. There are relationships that I grieve for. There are some people that touch your heart in a way that you didn't know could be touched. So of course your heart is going to hurt when they're gone! You could literally be fine for months, but then need a good cry about it for a few minutes. Dude. That's totally fine. It's a wonderful thing to be able to experience emotions and crazy that we can feel the emotion of grief.

E. Cynicism
    1. Y'all. This one is realllll easy to not grasp a hold of. It is 100% way too easy to become cynical when people have been fake to you. I get it. But we can not have healthy hearts if we do not let that go.
    2. Oh. You didn't get what you wanted? Yeah it's fine to be bitter about it! Siiikeeeeeee. You are better than that. You still have plenty to give and, I almost guarantee, plenty of avenues in which to use your talents.

Thanks for reading the words that have been hidden in my heart for a while.

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