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My In-Home Studio Set Up

A frequent question I get asked is about my set up and gear for all my music stuff. I absolutely love sharing and getting to talk about it so thought I would make a vlog! Please bear with me as I get familiar with vlogging hahah!! 


Here's the description I included on the YouTube video :)

Gear I Use:
DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
I love using Logic Pro! If you use your student discount, you can actually get a bundle with 5 programs for $200 from Apple. It's Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Main stage (connects with logic for performing!), and two other programs that I can't remember.

You need this to connect your mic or instrument (such as guitar) to your computer.
The one I have is this and I absolutely love it because it's compact for traveling and still has 48v/phantom power which is what you'll need for some mics:
This one has a couple more options, and I've used it, but still prefer my smaller one:

Rode nta1-a. Hands down this mic. It's a condenser so it picks up the whole room. I've used it to record outside, inside, in my closet, in my car..anywhere. Lol. Some people think you can't get a clean recording with a condenser, but I would absolutely disagree. It's all about your levels and how you mix it! Also, this mic is great for female vocals. I also have the sm7b by shure, but it's best for instruments or male vocals. Here’s the link for the Rode:)

You can use headphones, but monitors are honestly just so much easier for mixing. Just got these and they're great!! Really good quality. They have bigger options as well :) Here’s the link!

Please leave a comment or send me a message with something you'd like me to cover in my next vlog!!


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