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Sweet Summer Time

Summer in Florida. Beaches, palm trees, you know, the good life! Everyone's Summer dream. 

EH. Wrong. Not mine.

When I found out I'd be spending the Summer in Florida, I cried. BIG time. (what's new lolol).

A couple of years ago I spent a month in Honduras over the Summer, but my sister was with me and I really felt like I was supposed to be there.

This time, it was blind faith. I knew where I'd be staying and working, but I had not idea what I was supposed to do without all of my friends from home. All in all, I've been home for less than a month this entire year. I know for some of you that's normal. Maybe a month is even too much time! However, I'm a big fan of home and my hometown friends and my hometown mountains. 

Staying in Florida required me being pushed beyond my comfort zone and I wasn't sure how ready I was for that.

So I decided that I would not let this Summer go to waste. I've made new friends, tried new recipes (You guys. I now have cooking skills!!! Miracles happen:)))), BIKED, started getting involved at my church, and worked. And you know what? It hasn't all been as scary as I thought.

Today was especially exciting for me because all Summer I've been saying how I was going to bike from school to the Lake. It requires crossing a major intersection and I've been super chickened out about it, but somehow tonight I finally got the courage to just do it.

And it was freeing. Liberating.

 Flowers I picked from my bike ride!!

Flowers I picked from my bike ride!!

I wish I had some life lesson to write to you about in relation to it, but I don't. It was just a great moment.
Another check off the bucket list.

Maybe there's something you keep putting off? Just do it!

Enjoy this sweet, sweet Summertime - even if it's nothing like you expected it to be :)

 sunset :)

sunset :)


p.s. This devotional by Morgan Harper Nichols is how I started my morning and it's exactly how I feel about today being the last day of July. Hope some of it resonates with you <3