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Uncertainty Avoidance

Yesterday afternoon my friend and I got together to record a podcast for one of our class projects. One of the topics that we covered was uncertainty avoidance theory by Hofstede.

Here’s the gist of it:
The extent to which a society, organization, or group relies on social norms, rules, and procedures to alleviate unpredictability of future events. It basically relates to how a society handles the fact that the future is unknown. Hofstede says, “All human beings have to face the fact that we do not know what will happen tomorrow: the future is uncertain, but we have to live with it anyway.” A higher score in this dimension reflects a society who fears uncertainty greatly and does everything it can to avoid it, such as through intense preparation or strict guidelines for control. A lower score in this dimension reflects a society who embraces uncertainty and simply lets the future happen naturally.

One of the conclusions it led me to is that oftentimes who I want to be and who I am don’t often line up. I find that it’s a constant uphill battle to accept grace as I continue to press onward.

Today I’m reminding myself not to become easily discouraged just because I’m not everything I thought I would be by now.

Lastly, here’s an instagram post by my friend Jenna over at @twentysevenlkld that I found particularly encouraging this morning.


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