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Welcome Home

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One night in a classroom with a piano we started singing our hearts out.

Genesis Feliciano had told me she wanted to write a song and I googled “gospel chords” and the piano intro you hear in the song is exactly how we played it that night. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s beautiful. I so clearly remember feeling God speaking to my heart and Him telling me He was so delighted by our worship in that moment. Gen and I started weeping...and writing. She let me take creative control with the production (my first time doing it for someone else) and taught me many lessons during these last few months. so proud of her for pushing past the fears.

•many thanks to the ever so wonderful @taylorrigg. what a gem of a person, honestly.

•and shout out to @_laurenviera for the incredible cover art!!

•may your heart feel a little more at home, no matter where you are, when you listen to this song

Lily Garay